To own Eter, you can summon from Early Box Sale, or you can buy Eter that are being sold on the Marketplace.
Each Eter displays an in-built tendency such as:
  • Damage: Brutality, love to attack.
  • Tank: Great endurance and can survive in many separate environments.
  • Support: Love peace and hate war.
Eters are divided into Ranks representing their own strength
  • N
  • R
  • SR
  • SSR
Ability System
With the ranks, we will determine the distribution of talent points into that Eter’s attribute system, the ability system includes:
  • Atk (Attack)
  • Def (Defense)
  • Magic Atk (Magic Attack)
  • Magic Def (Magic Defense)
  • HP (Health Point)
  • SPD (Speed)